About Duckdude



“DUCK DUDE” is a graphic series with a street style duck motif, launched in 2013 by the street wear label “BONE SOUL”. In addition to T-shirts and sweatshirts printed with the DUCK motif, caps, bags, and miscellaneous goods are lined up with items designed for street fashion and the active scene.


■ Duck Dude , Who is him ?

【Origin of DUCK DUDE】
DUCK = Duck, DUDE = Frank word used when young people in Europe and America call their friends. “DUCK DUDE” came to be called “DUCK DUDE” with the image of “a young duck playing in the city”. DUCK DUDE is only a nickname, and it seems that his real name is different.

【 Secret of DUCK DUDE birth 】
Why is DUCK DUDE dressed in fashionable clothes?

He was born and raised in a calm duck family on a European lakeside. But tired of the boring life in the countryside, he jumps out of his home and heads for the city.

DUCK DUDE started living in the city, dressed in the latest street fashion, skateboarding, baseball, basketball and other sports, music activities in bands, etc., as if dispelling the indignation accumulated in rural life It seems to be active in various scenes.


■ Duck Dude & his friends.

Rivals with his unique friends. Watch out for those who occasionally appear.


■ Duck Dude Apparel & Goods

The DUCK DUDE series includes casual wear such as sweatshirts and T-shirts that are comfortable to wear, baseball caps that stick to the original shape, and backpacks that emphasize functionality.
We are developing many items that are not only used in everyday wear, but also in scenes such as team sports and street dance.


■ Having Fun All Day Every Day !

Having Fun All Day Every Day !
In order to help our DUCK DUDE clothing and merchandise as much as possible, we pursue design and quality every day through trial and error.