Important Information

Important Information

Thank you for visiting DUCK DUDE official online store.

Before you order on our online store from Malaysia, please

check our shipping details.

We are using ECMS as delivery company.

Here are examples of shipping costs.

0.51kg-1kg → ¥1120, 1.01kg-1.5kg → ¥1220,

1.51kg-2.0kg → ¥1310, 2.01kg-2.5kg → ¥1470,

2.51kg-3.0kg → ¥1560, 3.01-3.5kg → ¥1670 

We considered the weight as gross weight.

Normally, gross weight of our products are

Cap → 0.45kg,  Wallet → 0.55kg

Mini shoulder bag and Tote bag → 0.7kg,

Short sleeve T-shirt, Long sleeve T-shirt and Pants → 1.0kg,

Hoodie and Clue neck sweat → 1.05kg,

Sweat jacket → 1.1kg 

If you buy two T-shirt and one shoulder bag, the total weight will be

1.0kg + 1.0kg + 0.7kg = 2.7kg, then shipping costs are ¥1560

We can ship items which gross weight is at most 30.0kg.

※If the gross weight of your order exceeds 30.0kg, we cannot ship and you will receive error on your page.


If you have any questions, please use Inquiry form to contact us.

We hope you are satisfied with our products and services.